It’s easy to get caught up in the job you are currently working on, sending invoices and chasing payments. But it’s just as important to take a step back from time to time, and to look at the bigger picture of how your freelance business is doing.

The Reports function helps you do just that. You can define your parameters and extract the exact information you need to generate a range of reports.

Report Settings

The Report Settings section enables you to set parameters and filter the data to generate the right report for you.

  • Start Date: Click on the calendar button and select the Start Date for the report.
  • End Date: Click on the calendar button and select the End Date for the report.
  • Type: To select the report type, click on the Type field and a drop down menu will open. Select the type of report you want from the available list.
  • Run: Once you’ve selected all the parameters, click the green Run> button. The extracted data will show in the report display section below. TIP: When you click Run>, the report will generate automatically, and includes only the relevant columns and data, based on the type of reports and dates selected. To view another report, simply change your selections and click Run>.

Export To export the report data to Excel or other spreadsheet software, click the blue Export button. The report will automatically download as a .csv file.