We recommend backing up your database before updating the app.

To update the app you just need to copy over the latest code. The app tracks the current version in a file called version.txt, if it notices a change it loads /update to run the database migrations.

If the auto-update fails you can manually run the update with the following commands. Once completed add ?clear_cache=true to the end of the URL to clear the application cache.

composer dump-autoload --optimize
php artisan optimize --force
php artisan migrate
php artisan db:seed --class=UpdateSeeder


If you’ve downloaded the code from GitHub you also need to run composer install

Version 3.2

An import folder has been adding to storage/, you may need to run sudo chown -R www-data:www-data storage

Version 2.6

Make sure the .env file includes APP_CIPHER=rijndael-128

Version 2.5.1

Minimum PHP version is now 5.5.9

Version 2.0

Copy .env.example to .env and set config settings

Set the app cipher to rijndael-256 to support existing passwords

Check that /path/to/ninja/storage has 755 permissions and is owned by the webserver user